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Does anyone know of a good PANDAS Psychiatrist who is in Los Angeles County or who does Telepsychiatry appointments(via phone or Skype)?

My son is on 10 mg. of Prozac which has done wonders on his mood. To address the excess of Dopamine, he was taking 2.5 mg. of Zyprexa but gained too much

weight(8 lbs. in 2 weeks) so the doctor switched him to Abilify but it's not really helping. It makes him hot all the time and he is now having difficulty

urinating. We were thinking of trying Risperdone...does anyone have any input with Zyprexa vs. Risperdone vs. Abilify for the OCD / PANDAS?

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My child took risperdal for over a year and a half. She took abilify in conjunction with Clomipramine. I noticed no difference with the Abilify. Good changes with risperdal-- though she did gain weight. Not as quickly as you described, but she has put on over 40lbs since spring 2010. (so that is pretty fast, I suppose :(--

She is trying Zyprexa- just today as an adjunct to Zoloft for depression and impulsivity.

I am so worried about her weight- this is not good at all.


However, Risperdal was good at "organizing their thoughts" that is the way it was described to me and it is a very accurate description.


We live on the opposite coast from you-- so I have no ideas..


How about Dr Jory Goodman? beverly hillls shrink


He believes in PANDAS and has so good you-tube videos.


Is Beverly Hills near you? CA is a foreign country to me!

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