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My son's Thanksgiving blog post


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This is a brag, I have to tell someone about this. My 9yo PANDAS's teacher set up a blog to draw out reluctant writers, and this is what my son posted under the "What Thanksgiving means to me" theme:


Our ravaging of Indians for land was inexcusable and for all Indians that died in the plains wars, I say rest in peace forever,

and I, and all others that hold all-and I say all-lives dearest to

us, from the tinniest ants, to the biggest elephant, every creature,

hailing from land or sea, air and space, salute to those that do not have those lives, and be thankful that we have them, in the wake of others that do not.


The true meaning of thanksgiving is the great feast that took place in the “new land” new as it was to europeans, was not

to the people who are native to this land.


What a beautiful child. I am an atheist but god bless. I believe our kids will all get better.

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