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Has anyone run a porphyria test?

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I read this article today and thought it might apply to my son. It is called "Disorders of Tryptophan Metabolism:"




My son's tryptophan was high on his recent amino acids test. He is also has a single C667T MTHFR mutation. Here is the part of the article that interested me:


Acute Intermittent Porphyria


In this disease there are psychiatric symptoms. It seems that a key enzyme in the metabolism of tryptophan is low in this disease. This causes tryptophan to accumulate in the brain and cause psychiatric symptoms. Tryptophan pyrrolase breaks down tryptophan in the kynurenine pathway, which is the main pathway of tryptophan metabolism. Another pathway leads to serotonin. There is no deficiency of serotonin in this disease.


A factor that is low in porphyria is required by this enzyme. Porphyria is treated by heme, which is the factor.


I was wondering if anyone has had this test done, which lab ran it, and did it give you meaningful information.

Thank you!

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We did not run specific test but our older DS is on 500 mg of L-Tryptophan by LLMD. We feel it has definitely helped with his recovery as it relates to sleep, mood, irritability. BUT, also treating the chronic infection were just as important if not more important. He has been taking it for over one year now.


We buy the Pure Encapsulations brand with Niacinamide and vitamin B6. Supplementing will also help reduce carbohydrate cravings. We just started our younger twins on it last night. Younger DS predominate issues right now are restless sleep, hyperness at times and eats mostly carbohydrates... we are hoping it will help. I will have to keep you posted on if its effective for him as well.



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