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Update and question on throat clearing


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Hello everyone! I know it has been a long time since I have been on the board- things have been well and manageable at it's worst. My Pandas DS9 is doing well and has some residual touchy OCD but is so so so so so much better. The latest labs show his Anti DNase B is in NORMAL range, ASO elevated but lower than the last test however the mycoplasma is up to 600 which is a big increase from the last labs over a year ago so he is back on 500mg zith and I can see improvements in behavior, temperament etc.... I still struggle with whether I should keep him on antibiotics or not all the time.. The mycoplasma have me the answer for now. He is thriving in school and is probably going to go to a new school next year that will let him accelerate in the subjects he needs to- 18 months ago when his standardized tests dropped by a years worth of knowledge I never knew if we would be back trying to deal with his acceleration needs. It is almost as if I have witnessed the brain healing right in front of me. My son will tell you the second IVIG made all then difference in the world. So we are really optimistic and happy. I have my son back!!!!!


The question regarding throat clearing.... My dd7 had a staph infection on her leg( was given Bactrim) a couple of weeks ago but she has been clearing her throat ever since and I swear it coincided with the infection. I read that medicine can cause it but she is still clearing her that and has been off then medicine for a few days. I almost lose my mind every time I hear it- ds9 never had throat tics( he had eye blinking and lip licking at different times but not throat clearing- tics have not really been his issue) Of course I am trying not to freak out. She has also been a lot more emotional than usual.... Should I take her to my PANDAS Dr or am I over paranoid?



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Well- of course you are paranoid. But- I have two kids with pandas- youngest first, older one (and I could not f-ing believe it at the time) happened next. So I would tell you to run, don't walk, to your pandas doc- to at least get some bloodwork done, try some first line pandas stuff (abx and maybe steroids), and to have a game plan....


Hopefully- it will turn out that it is paranoia- some kids do have transient tics which amt to nothing.

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