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IVIG #5 for DS8 and IVIG #1 for DS6

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We are embarking on another chapter. December 21st and 22nd both my boys will receive IVIG high dose together. With the tremendous results seen in DS8 after his first high dose in August 2010, and the change from Penicillin to Azith we are hoping for long term remission of symptoms. And I am very, very hopeful that this first immunotherapy on our younger son will offer him a chance for improvement as well.


We r still going to follow up with Lyme testing through Igenex for both the boys and DH and myself, although DH and I are convinced based on our Western Blots through Labcorp that we do indeed have the Lyme bacteria swimming around inside us. Still very questionable to me about the boys though. Only time will tell.

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