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The Annual Thanksgiving Post


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Every year, someone starts a "Happy Thanksgiving" post to wish everyone a holiday that reminds us of what's most important and that despite our current struggles, we all usually have much to be thankful for.


It's been a hard holiday for me the past few years, since my son's very worst episode was on Thanksgiving Eve 2008 (precipitated by an OCD-triggered pie-making decision). It's a very PTSD time for me. But thankfully, this year is different. I am more full of hope and thankful than I have been in years.


I of course wanted to thank all the old timers here and on the lyme forum (and of course Shelia :wub: ) who helped me get here and who will help me as we work through our remaining hurdles. Without your support, friendship and mega doses of geekiness, my kids wouldn't be in such a good place. So from the bottom of my heart - thanks guys!


I also realized today, when I got an email from a friend, and it contained some names I hadn't seen in a long while, that at least some of the old timers are gone - their kids so much better that online support groups have become a memory. And that's pretty cool. As for my old friends who are still here, I think all of our kids are way better than they were when we all first met. Each of us got there in very different ways and have developed different philosophies, different things we now offer in our posts. But we all got there somehow.


I also realized that there are new comers, people who are in that frantic place where doctors won't help, where sleep gets interrupted at 2 am and you find yourself on the internet, desperately searching for answers. And I just wanted to let those of you in that place know that it will be ok. Our kids may go thru some really awful experiences. Our families will have memories we never wanted them to have. But you get through it. One way or another, you survive. And you slowly find answers that work for your child. Out of the hundreds of opinions, advice and trails you might find here, something usually ends up being a part of your own puzzle. So have faith - in whatever fashion that means for you. You will find answers and get through this. In the meantime, don't forget to be grateful for the blessings you do have in this moment and don't forget to show your family how much you love them.


Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

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Thanks for starting this thread.

I have a lot to be greatful for. I am greatful for my friend who told me about PANDAS and that it was something i should look into about my son. I am greatful that she told me about the NIH study. I am grateful that my son is in the study and our first visit went smoothly. I am grateful that I am as stubborn as an ox and as determined as a pitbull. I am glad that I follow my gut even when people say I am wrong. I am greatful for my family who stands by me. I am greatful for the parents and kids who have helped pave the way for us newbies. I am greatful to the research being done and the doctors who actually listen to me.

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Alright, I need some gratitude (great post LLM)


I am very grateful for this board. I have learned so much from everyone, and have been helped tremendously.

An extremely astute and intelligent group, and I am touched by the support I have received.


It's been a heck of a year. My daughter has made progress- we finally have some answers to her that have plagued me for years.


I'm grateful to my supportive husband, our home we have made here, even when it is loud and somewhat crazy.


My daughter is doing well in school.


I am not physically impaired to do life, albeit extreme fatigue, and I have hope that I won't always feel this way.


I wish everyone a wonderful Thanksgiving!

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Wishing everyone here a Happy Thanksgiving. I haven't been on much lately, but you guys are like family to me and I'll always have a place in my heart for you all.


This year I am thankful that I am able to work tomorrow. It means my daughter and I are both well enough that I am able to leave the house to go to work tomorrow and have faith that she will make it to my mom's for Thanksgiving with her sister with few if any issues.


I am thankful to all of you who held my hand through the worst of my dd's illness. I am hoping and praying that the worst of it is behind us and that we are moving forward from here on out.


Blessings to you all!



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I am thankfull too, that I found this board 3 years ago. It gave me somewhere to go (as mentioned) in the middle of the night when the panic attacks were happening. You have given me names of doctors who have helped. Thankful for a place to talk with no shame or embarrassment. But most of all the re-assurance that i am not alone, and neither is my daughter. I will sit with the family I love tomorrow, but will also think of you guys, and how you all understand what my family is going thru, because you are going thru it too.


happpy thanksgiving

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Happy Thanksgiving!!


I am beyond thankful for this board. Lats, and the friends I have met here have gotten me through some of the roughest times in my life, and helped me make the hardest decisions I've ever faced. This is an amazing group of "warrior" parents- who never give up!


I am so thankful for every moment I have with my sweet girls. I am so looking forward to cuddling on the sofa with them and watching the (NYC) parade in the morning. I am thankful that although they have suffered, they have continued to grow and blossom in ways I have never imagined. They are wise beyond their years, and compassionate to no end.


I am thankful for the time we spent in FL this summer at the Ronald McDonald house, as the time we spent in "the house that love built" was a life changer for our whole family!


I wish everyone here some peaceful moments with their children this thanksgiving.

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I too am beyond thankful for this forum and everyone who posts here--those who have been here for some time who help inform and guide those who are new; those who are making their way through diagnoses and treatment options and all that these things bring; and those who are new and looking for answers, information, and support. There is such an amazing range of knowledge, experience, and compassion here. My son would not be where he is now without what I have learned from this forum. And I can't imagine having made it through the last 9 months without the support here.


I am so grateful my son is doing well right now.


I am grateful for the moms who organized the first-ever PANDAS parents meeting!


I am grateful for the physicians and researchers who are tirelessly fighting for our kids. They are making a difference for our kids now and for kids who might be dealing with this illness in the future.


I am grateful for the love and support of friends and family.


Blessings to you all this Thanksgiving.

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In gratitude to all of you...those who still post, those who've moved on, and those who continue to struggle each moment of the day. This amazing forum has meant so much to me.

I appreciate each and everyone of you!

With hope for healing at this time of gratitude,


from Michigan

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I am a newcomer to this board since my son's onset in September. I sincerely thank all of you who have provided information and support- it takes time and effort while you are still going through your own struggles and I truly appreciate it. May everyone have a tasty and peaceful day!!!:)

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Thank you for starting this wonderful thread, LLM, and for your nice comments.


No one can know how grateful I am that the forum has such wonderful members, from newbies to bright and determined folks who've researched and looked for answers for years when conventional medicine fell short.


It's great that so many take time to post on the forum simply to help others, even after they no longer need it themselves.


And somehow you manage to strike a wonderful balance between offering heartfelt support, so very often needed, and scientific info and personal experience. You amaze me.


I am especially thankful to Chemar, who has worked behind the scenes on the forums for many years, putting in more effort than anyone can know. I depend on her as our key moderator and have learned a great deal from her. She generously makes time every day to participate in the forums, just because she cares.


ACN is very grateful to all who have donated this past year and helped with fundraising for our new website. With the the inspiration and work of our talented webmaster, we anticipate launching it very soon. We'll be sure to make a grand announcement when the time comes!


With a grateful heart—and a prayer that God will extend a little extra mercy, a little extra grace to all our members and their families-- Sheila

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Happy Thanksgiving, All!


I am grateful for:


-- LLM beginning this thread and putting such an eloquent voice to the true meaning of Thanksgiving;

-- ACN hosting this wonderful forum and web presence;

-- all the posters who have shared ideas, research, links, experiences and support with me and my family for more than 2 years now;

-- all those who've helped spread the word and gain increasing visibility for PANDAS/PITANDS/PANS;

-- all those doctors and researchers who continue to fight for our kids;

-- a DS who, though still with struggles, continues to regain ground daily;

-- a DH who has supported and permitted me so much latitude through this unchartered maze we know as PANDAS;

-- friends and extended family who, though not always fully understanding, have been unfailingly kind and patient, nonetheless;

-- teachers, psychologists and social workers who have worked hard to develop as deep an understanding as possible as to what DS needs in the school environment and sought to provide it; and

-- God, The Force, The Universe or whatever Higher Power it is that continues to ensure that we all have enough strength, enough tenacity, enough courage, enough resilience, enough hope, enough resources to get through this, even when we come to those points when we're nearly certain that we are at last truly and completely spent.


Thank you, everyone!

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