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From my very basic understanding and what I can gleen from Yasko's book, It looks like the C677T is the one that hinders homocysteine's recycling back into methanionine and not the one that hinders BH2 to BH4 conversion.


For C677T she recommends using 5 methyltetrahydrofolate (5 methyl THF) and avoiding other forms of folic acid as they will compete for the same binding sites. She also says make sure you use 5methyl THF and not 5 formyl THF. She sells something she calls Folapro on her site but I found something similar from Thorne on Amazon. She says to expect a short honeymoon (similar to what you see when you start addressing KPU) and then expect an almost immediate detoxing (ala herxing).


The A1298C is mapped to SAMe regulation and BH2/BH4 conversion, but it doesn't look like this is your son's issue. But I'm far from any expert. best to ask your doctor or join her user group and post the question there.

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