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To those who have had the HLA DR test

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I have been looking into mold tests that need to be run on my son since his c4a complement test was very high (8000 something). I am, of course, reading the "surviving mold" site for suggestions. The test they recommend that really intrigues me is the HLA DR test by LabCorp (official name "HLA DRB, DQB Disease Association"). I was wondering if anyone has had this run on their child and what the results were. Did your child show genes for mold, lyme, etc? I have even read that one of the genes shows a predisposition for hasimoto (a hypo-thyroid condition that can raise the C4a complement). That is very interesting to me because other than severe OCD, my son's only other symptoms are cold hands and feet. His morning thyroid temperature is low, though I only checked it four times. His thyroid tests are normal (all but one is back). But I know a chlid can have hashimoto and still test normal on thyroid tests.


Anyway, would you mind printing your child's results here? Thank you.

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Yes, my dd recently had this test run.

The results are hard to interpret unless you have a Dr. that knows this test,

or a copy of Shoemakers rosetta stone key.

It comes back in numbers of gene sequences.

My dd came back with 1 gene (out of 2, one from each parent)

that is the 'dreaded' or the 'worst'

multisuseptible, meaning her body has trouble detoxing both Lyme and mold toxins.

Since I am in the same boat here with illness she is in, looks like it came from me, but our Dr. said not necessarily.

My other 2 children are healthy, my older son from my first marriage, so who knows.

I have not had my HLA tested yet, as we have an HMO

until January, so currently the test cost us $600.

And frankly, we are already on a mold detox protocol, been making our home safe,

I don't feel I need this further information.

My Dr. may have different ideas.

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Hello Christianmom:


Just looking at this chart again to see if I understand it, along with the instructions in Dr. S book.


In a nutshell, here are the instructions:


1. On your test results themselves:

DRB1 translates into 'B1'

DQB1 translates into 'DQ'

DRB3 translates into '52 (A, B, C)

DRB4 translates into '53'

DRB5 translates into '51'


2. Write down only the first two numbers in each line (of your results)


3. When you see 03 for DRB1, rewrite it as '17'


4. Record entries in B3 by converting the 01 to A, the 02 to B, and the 03 to C; This will give you 52A, 52B, and 52C, respectively.


5. B4 is 53.


6. B5 is 51.


So my son's results showed numbers in DRB1 (01, 15), DQB1 (05, 06), and DRB5 (01) only. So this translates on the chart, according to the above instructions to:


Under 'DRB1' 01 & 15 (so I circled these in the chart)

Under 'DQ' 05 & 06

Under 'DRB5' - 51 (per instruction #6)


My son's doctor called and talked to Dr. S to get the results and their meaning because she was not familiar with how to read them. So son's results shows the following:


Under DRB1 - Borrelia, post lyme syndrome and low MSH

Under DQ - Multisusceptible, Borrelia, post lyme, and low MSH

Under DRB3 - Nothing in this column for my son

Under DRB4 - Nothing in this column

Under DRB5 - Borrelia, post lyme syndrome


My son's doctor also said that everyone will have things come back on this test and that it really does not indicate for sure that you will have problems with any of it. That is her opinion anyway. It was right on for my son and his ART testing results.


Good luck with all of this. Hope this makes some kind of sense. :)

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