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"Tourette Outbreak" in Leroy, NY

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"My frustration is until September 10th of 2011 I had a healthy girl, a girl that was in junior high who loved school had a lot of friends, was very happy high honor roll and then all of a sudden she wakes up from a nap and she's twitching out of control," Beth Miller said.


That just gave me chills. My DS onset was Sept. 10 2011. The difference is that he was diagnosed within a week and has been on treatment dose ABX for 4 mos. He's not back to baseline but neither is he in that darkest place still. I really hope there are some answers for these girls and soon.

How far do you live from Leroy, NY?

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"Aside from going to the same school and being female, the affected students had little in common, though they may have witnessed other students with symptoms. They live in varying parts of the community, span grades eight through 12, and didn't have routine contact with each other, Young said.


While several of the affected girls had some significant, pre-existing medical conditions, most others did not and should recover from what could be a "transient condition," he added."


So the girls affected were grades 8-12, definitely puts them in the age range that they'd get the HPV vaccine. The above also says some of the girls had preexisting medical conditions (perhaps PANDAS/pans misdiagnosed as some other condition ?)


This mass hysteria diagnosis discussed in the article is just just too ridiculous for words. It's even worse than conversion disorder as a diagnosis.

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thank you so much for posting the phone numbers. I just talked to Beth Miller - she is going to be on the today show tomorrow morning. I am sending her the link to the forum. I don't know if this is PANDAS but hopefully they will get a good evaluation. Once she comes on the forum you all can welcome her and offer your suggestions.

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Yes, thanks Kim!!!


I would encourage Beth to check the threads at the top of this forum for those ever "Helpful threads"...like FAQs and the flow-chart! :)

also, the link to www.pandasnetwork.org or the online interviews.


PANDAS can be so basic and so subtle in reactions -- as we all know, symptoms can vary and be mild to moderate (obvious) to severe.


While many of us did not have children with "caught" rising titers of strep in blood work, we DID have a positive reaction to PANDAS treatments (for example a month of antibiotics, or a steroid burst.)

I wonder if any of these girls have OCD symptoms too--

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Watching this clip reminds me of taking our d to a psychiatrist in our area, recommended by our pediatrician.


He met with us at least every other day as she had such a sudden and severe onset of OCD issues, with ticcing, and subsequent age-regression, speaking issues, inability to write, etc.


Finally, after one evening when we had to carry her into the office he told us he wanted us to go to Hopkins as he felt there MUST be a neurological basis for her illness! We were surprised, to say the least that he suggested that--He wanted us to see a doctor who at the time was out of town. We ended up seeing a local neurologist who treats children with tourettes, he watched her crawling around the lobby of his waiting room, and suggested a prednisone burst. Cleared her within days.


It would seem the basal ganglia inflammation is an issue regardless of the "strep" or no strep issue. PANS

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something similar happened about 4 years ago. Also started in Sept




Want to guess what it was eventually labeled?





"The events at William Byrd High have all the hallmarks of a collective stress reaction," he wrote in an e-mail.


Young women who are living with a great deal of pent-up stress are more susceptible to psychogenic illnesses, according to Bartholomew, a sociologist in Australia who has been following the case at William Byrd via the Internet




School officials say they have heard from roughly 10 people at William Byrd complaining of the twitching symptoms, including one female teacher. Students and parents have said that all the students affected are also female.
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This is not conversion disorder and I want to scream as I sit here listening to the Today Show. They started the story saying they "had answers", then stated the neurologists treating the girls agree it is conversion disorder/mass hysteria. I truly feel some of the drs involved know exactly what is causing this. Are they too afraid of their non-believing colleagues? Did they get Gardasil AND/or influenza vaccine. Because it began in the Fall, my guess is that they went to get one of those two vaccines and while at the drs office got jabbed with a second, possibly third (some kids that age are given catch up vaccines).


This is not conversion d/o.



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Gardasil and Menactra, given together, has caused strep in many girls. Do a search under Gardasil, menactra, strep. Gardasil has not been cleareed to be deemed safe to give along with Gardasil, but it is routinely done.


The New York immunization schedule for 11-18 year old girls is Gardasil, Menactra, Tdap, and Influenza. Did these girls receive these vaccines prior to their symptoms appearing? I would bet yes.

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Do you realize (rhetorical question!) the PANS-dora boxes & CANS of worms that would be open if/when their tops are blown off??! And they know know it.

Including the entire vaccine/autism debacle debate. Having a tough time with our son---had to say something lite.




I'm just hoping that this isn't Sydenham's Chorea that may regress (at least for the time being) on it's own. Then the docs will get away with this "mass hysteria" crap...their 'stall techniques' may end up working in their favor. <_<

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