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DH results:

CD57 low but not below 60

Western Blot: IgG P58 positive, IgM P23 Positive

Vitamin D: 11.4 (normal 32-100)

antiDNase B - 340 (normal below 85) Thought this was interesting. We had not tested this yet even with PANDAS dx. Any thoughts?


My results:

CD57 44 (reference 60-360)

Western Blot: IgM P23 positive

Vitamin D: 26 (normal 32-100)


DS8: PANDAS dx in 2010, high strep titers, CamK 164 and D2 neuronals significantly elevated; has had 4 IVIG's and been on Penicillin for one year (we just switched to Zithro)

CD57 42 (reference 60-360)

IgG, Sublass 2: LOW (still low like it was last Summer when we got PANDAS dx)

Western Blot: IgG P41 Positive

Vitamin D: 18 (normal 32-100)


DS6: Suspected PANDAS. Never had high strep titers, CamK 179 but no elevated neuronals; just started on Zithro prophylactic

CD57 23 (reference 60-360)

IgG, Sublclass 2: LOW (was not below normal last summer but is now)

Western Blot: Nothing Present

Vitamin D: 15 (normal 32-100)


So now I am just confused. Should we pursue further Lyme testing since some bands were positive? I do not EVER recall being bit by a tic, but DH has pulled "hundreds" off him in his lifetime growing up outdoors in the country, hunting and fishing. Is this a "where there is smoke there may be fire" kind of thing? I am just overwhelmed now. Could I have gotten it from him and then passed to the kids? Is one or two bands even worth further testing? All co infections in both boys (did not test DH or myself) were negative as was Myco P.


Any thoughts or advice is greatly appreciated!



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Those are some significant Lyme bands. Was this done by Igenex? If not u could have other bands too (31 and 34). The most worrisome thing to me is the extremely low vitamin d and cd57 counts. Sure could b Lyme and u dont need to have a history of a tick bite. Most of family did not and i NEVER see ticks. Mosquitos carry lyme too and we get plenty of mosquito bites.You dont have mold in ur home do you? I've heard it can suppress ur cd57 count too and the fact that u all r so low would make me want to check out mold too (but that's my non expert opinion.) mold suppresses the immune system and is not easy to spot. The adult cd57 scores are reason enough for a trial treatment along with the Lyme specific bands. In kids cd57 isn't as telling but I've heard very low cd57s in kids r significant. Not sure if that is true but i think thats what ive heard. You need to be taking d3 to bring up ur d levels.adults w that low a score should take at least 10k ius and kids 5k ius in the winter to raise levels. Retest after 3 months. Low d is associated w a number of cancers, heart disease and other issues so u need to get it up ASAP. Our levels were low too and we got them up and got better but b sure u take enough to bring it up. A good integrative doctor can help with this and checking b levels too. My dr says he likes to see d between 60 and 100 and b over 600, ideally over 1000. Also if u feel like u r getting the flu this winter u can take 10 times thedaily dose for three straight days and it really helps.

The test results are not reliable for ruling in or out Lyme, bartonella, babesia etc. That's why u need a good LlmD. It would b reasonable to treat for Lyme based ion what u said but symptoms r very telling and could indicate a particular confection (regardless of blood tests). once on Lyme antibiotics u will get some indication u r on the right track- a worsening (temporarily) or improvement of symptoms.

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Oh, I don't like to reply on these threads, because it is impossible for a layman like me

to know for sure anything.

I don't know about your children, seems no lyme bands came up, and I don't

think the CD57 is applicable in young children (our LLMD never even ran it on our daughter)

And then I always ask: Do you have any symptoms? Really gone down the list and thought about it?


I had a positive p23 only on my WB, which is a Lyme bacteria ONLY band.

I then went on to testing through Igenex, and had positive sky high bartonella,

and a positive PCR Lyme test (where they see it in the blood, no mistake.)

AND, I had been living with symptoms, calling it everything else in my life.


It is a fact that Lyme can be passed through male semen, and breastmilk.


I think it's safe to say y'all need vitamin D ;-)

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fyi...Our "possible" symptoms....dh, joint issues and arthritis type issues in hands and occasionally asking me about blurred vision. Me, chronic diahrea for three years...two colonoscopies and dx went from IBS to colitis and possibly early Chrohns. As for two kids...both are very much strep triggered with very classic PANDAS symptoms.

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I know there are plenty in the US with low vitamin D levels, but those results for your dh and kids are so very low that to me they should be considered another test that is suggestive of lyme. The symptoms and tests are all suggestive of lyme, and certainly the pattern of it all together with a bunch of people in the same family like that, it certainly looks like lyme should be seriously pursued.


Note that all 3 diagnoses for you from the colonoscopies went from "we don't know why you're having problems" to "we don't know why you're having problems" to "we don't know why you're having problems", but it's good the docs had the sense of humor to keep changing the letters to make it interesting.


By the way, I know I am in the minority on this, even in the lyme community, but it is not obvious to me that whether supplementing with vitamin D would be a good or bad idea for ya'all right now. I have read about evidence to suggest that lyme bugs can USE YOUR vitamin D to protect itself from your immune system, and this can be part of why so many with lyme have such very low levels. My personal experience has included many times where I had very low vitamin D levels and where my body still energy tested that it was a bad idea to supplement, despite having extremely low levels. I have so much experience with energy testing that I have come to really believe there is some reason there. Then there have been times that I have supplemented for a period, as I had energy tested that it was good, and the vitamin D levels did not change. So, really, it is not nearly that simple. Now, I really believe people with lyme won't get fully well until they get those levels up, but still, there can be a right and wrong order to try to do things.

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