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Jonos mom

School issues! What do you do?

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Thanks everyone. Sorry I haven't responded earlier. I ended up in the emergency room a few days after my birthday. I apparently have an angry gall bladder and stones. I'm going in for surgery on Monday. On the other hand my dh is being admitted again tomorrow or heart issues. It's been an eventful last 6 months. I'll fill you all in later.

Thanks :)

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Here is a link- I hope it works. It was Different is the new Normal. See if you can get a copy of the show- amazing and inspiring.





I agree with dcmom; that show was AWESOME and that high school kid is truly inspirational! His name is Ariel Small, and he lives in Highland Park, Illinois. I imagine you could contact him through Facebook or via the Tourettes Syndrome Association (TSA), for which he is a Youth Ambassador.


Good luck!


Kids can be so evil. If your child is threatening suicide, and you know this bullying isn't going to stop, I would take him out of school. It must be horrible to endure that daily. There are many activities for home schooled kids or better yet maybe he could join a PANDAS kids group and make a new friend who understands? When he is better, you could start him in a new school system. Or home school till college. They become human again in college. My son was being bullied, and of course the teacher, nor the school did anything. I knew that if it wasn't stopped right away everyone would join in and do the same, so I told my son to stand up to him. After the first insult, he proceeded to smack the bully in the head (yes you read this right). The bullying stopped immediately after the bully stopped crying. Not what I had in mind, nor am I suggesting it, but gosh it worked well.


Nancy :-)

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