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Amino Acid Profile results

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Just got my son's "amino acid profile" results back. Everything was normal except his Tryptophan was high.


Here are some of the more interesting results:


Glutamic acid, P1------------33.9 (reference range 22-190)

Glutamine, P1----------------603.6 (reference range 320-700)

Tryptophan, P1---------------114.5 (reference range 15-109) HIGH

Histidine, P1---------------------73.1 (reference range 46-125)

3-methyl-histidine, P1---------3.8 (reference range 0-10)

1-methyl-histidine, P1---------3.3 (reference range 0-21)


Does anyone know if these numbers are telling me anything about my son's glutamate or histamine levels? And tryptophan--isn't it normally low in someone with OCD? I would appreciate anyone's comments.


MomWithOCDSON, isn't glutamic acid basically glutamate? So, therefore, my son's glutamate is low normal and he does not have a problem with glutamate? Would that explain why the augmentin xr didn't help him since it is a glutatmate modulator (lowers glutamate)?

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