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Has amoxicillian worked for you and not augmentin?

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My dd was on omnicef, no results, ( for pandas) so then we tried augmentin, again, no results. She was recently on amoxicilian for strep, and had the best 10 days of our lives. So I tell this to our "non pandas dr" who is treating her for pandas, and ask for a trial of amoxicillian. Her response was if the augmentin didnt work, then the amoxicillian wouldnt either because the augmentin is made up of amoxicillian and some stronger stuff added. I already knew this, but could it be that for some reason she will respond to the amoxicillian instead of augmentin? We lost and she wouldnt even consider trying it, told us we would have to go back to florida to get the script ! We are in Tenn ! Nice :(

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Hi Mia'sMom-- while your un-kindly doctor is somewhat correct that Augmentin is "Amox. +", it is not necessarily the truth that Augmentin then is better--

I do not know why, but for our d the Amoxicillan worked for a long time (year +) -- while Augmentin did not seem to have the same effect...timing, etc.? I don't know, but if I were you, I'd find another doctor willing to prescribe to TRY amox. again--

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