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Having a dog when kids have Lyme & babesia

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Hi. I am asking this question for my brother. His 4 year old and 9 year old have PANDAS and Lyme disease and babesia. His wife recently purchased a small dog and his step daughter is frequently at their house with her dog. His LLMD strongly advised them NOT to get a dog b/c of the risk of more ticks in the house or more exposure of parasites from the dog. I am wondering what the opinion is of the families dealing with Lyme and other TBI. I usually post on the PANDAS forum for my children with PANDAS.



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We have a dog who we had pre-lyme diagnosis. She is an indoor dog mostly but of course goes outside to run around and use the bathroom. She is on flea and tick medicine and I just hope that is enough to help. My plan is to have the yard treated against ticks and hope for the best. We have a fenced in yard and I like the idea of treating the mice population (the primary animal to transmit to our yard I think) by soaking cotton with permethrin that the mice will take back to their nest. Sounds like it could work but I don't know for certain.


Our LLMD urged us to not have a dog. But that said, she had a dog too! :D



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Well, I think of course it is a personal choice- I did not know LLMD's

were recommending against it- and I know people can really love their pets.


We have never owned pets here. I now refuse to get one- either a cat or a dog.

I think stray cats I used to feed got me into this mess, either partway or all the way,

and no way do I want a pet, no way will I hike in the woods again, and now I prefer to walk on the street rather than the sidewalks.

May sound dramatic, but this illness is horrible. I passed it to my daughter.

I am hoping we both come back from it.

So no. I tell my kids I'm sorry, but no pets.

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