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This helped for my son; maybe it will help for yours.


Your children think of you as the boss, period.

In the end they know deep down that you are the all-mighty-power and you can control them.


So after my son had bad dreams and before I knew the cause was something called PANDAS, I told him one night as seriously as I could, “I’m the boss of you and you’re not allowed to have any more bad dreams”. I would say it as if I was talking to his brain directly, and not him, since I didn’t want him to feel he was causing the problem, but more place the bossing toward the brain. “Do you hear me brain? NO MORE BAD DREAMS…..

My son loved it (as much as one could in his state of being).

Every night before bed he’d ask me to tell him “no more bad dreams”.

And it helped for a while.


It’s worth a try for those of you who can’t get your child to sleep because they are afraid.

Also trinkets help too, like dream catchers and magic rocks under the pillow, etc….

Sleep with them, who cares if someone else says you shouldn’t, you’re the parent, you know what’s best for your child.

Reassure them ALLOT.

Tell them you won’t leave all night, and will still be beside them in the morning.

Upon hearing this my son would fall asleep within minutes.

Do what ever you can think of, but make them feel secure, it’s SO important.

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