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You might get more information by tracking down the "Saving Sammy" Facebook page (sorry, I don't have a link, but I know there is a Facebook presence), but no, Sammy never went through either IVIG or PEX. As I understand it from both the book and some follow-up questions posed to Beth Maloney during various interviews and email exchanges, Sammy was on abx, all told, for more than 3 years, and then he took abx only when he was exposed to strep after that.


He's either a junior or a senior at Carnegie Mellon University now, I think majoring in Computer Science. He's done summer internships with Microsoft out in Seattle for the last couple of summers. He looks good in pictures and videos, and he and Beth say that he is OCD and tic-free now, as well as being entirely med-free. From all accounts, a success story, if ever there was one.

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Beth Alison Maloney is the facebook page. Beth and Sammy will be featured on the TV show "The Doctors" November 1st. You can get on her e-mail list and she frequently sends out e-mails with updates and listings of her appearances at book-signings, tv spots etc.

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