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Pandas support group for the children.

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I think we need to start a PANDAS support for the kids. I see many children are old enough to use a computer and my son who is only 5 found comfort in knowing he was not alone in his worries, it helped by at least half if not more. Had he the ability to talk to someone face to face or virtually in his own age group who was having the same problems, it would have help him by leaps and bounds I’m sure.


So I’m wondering if it might be a good idea to start a support group for the kids.

Maybe a youtube account that caters to them conversing back and forth with others like them, and gives them the opportunity to help and be helped by peers in the same boat.


The account would have to be password enabled or something of the sort of course.

But we have to plant a seed somewhere.

What are your ideas?


We seem to find comfort in one another; they should be given the same opportunity since it is they who suffer the most.

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