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Don't give PANDAS kids chocolate or false sugar, Cotton Seed oil..

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Spreading the Halloween wealth around does help over-indulging. There are collections for hard candies and taffy for the troops, ect.


So, Philly, if you give each of your dolls a piece it won't have such an impact on your waistline. :lol:

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I like the money idea...but, I agree...my ocd daughter would never eat if I had her read labels....but, normal kids...yes, that would be great.

The video does seem to mention that all pandas kids would react to sugar...but, I doubt it's the case. However, for my daughter it is not hard

at all to see the connection....I just still wonder if it's part of her ocd fears. Prior to pandas i would talk about eating healthy to stay healthy...i never wanted to ever bring up anything about weight or fat...just stressed healthy....so part of me thinks it could be that she is

fearful of sugar b/c it's not "healthy". Either way, it for sure is a trigger to her increase in Panda symptoms.

That's what sort of started the ocd fear for my daughter...a child in her 2nd grade class told her she could die from eating too much sugar. No amount of correcting on my part could erase the thought. This was 2 years ago - no longer an issue for us. Now, I wish my dd would curtail some of her junk food habits.

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Sadly, it is I who am the biggest offender of eating the Halloween candy. The only side effect for me is guilt and a spike in glucose which makes me sluggish and tired.


Same here, but there also seems to be a prolonged argument with my bathroom scale that starts around this time and lasts well into the next year.

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I don't notice any major differences in my kids when they have sugar, and judging by everyone's posts, I'm the liberal mom who lets my kids have treats about 1-2 times a day.


We do think we've noticed our son being more difficult after eating Red dye, so we try to limit that, but are not religious about it.


Halloween Candy is something of a problem -- for my waistline. The kids are allowed approx 2-3 per day for about a week, then I start to crack down them...eventually throwing it away.

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I don't think anybody does great with a huge amount of candy. I didn't listen to the whole video - just the beginning. My child doe not have big reactions to sugar either, not any different than other kids as far as I can tell. Also, if a kids had yeast issues - (mine doesn't so I wouldn't know this) - would an over abundance of sugar just feed the yeast - couldn't that be the issue not pandas?


I do think that an aniinflamatory diet can help our kids a little. We went gluten free for one month, and saw perhaps a little difference, but certainly he wasn't clear correlation. Also, if a kids had yeast issues - (mine doesn't so I wouldn't know this) - would an over abundance of sugar just feed the yeast - couldn't that be the issue not pandas?


My experience with the gluten free thing just made me more aware of the carbs in my family's diet. Helped me balance things. I think that the gluten free thing is somewhat anti-inflamatory, just like augmenting with fishoil, tumeric, etc. But it might depend upon what you replace the gluten with as well.

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:) love this discussion -- especially given that it is mid-October!


Me-Mom, I watched your whole video and could hear your "Mom's" voice coming through loud and clear--What a terribly scary time you have had.

I hope so that you are right! We have not seen this clear of a connection with food issues for our two Ps girls. --though I must share that it was the week after Halloween, four years ago, that both of them first started having "odd" behaviors so I found your observation interesting--I do think foods can affect behaviors, but not to the PANS/PANDAS/PITAND extremes.


Thanks for sharing your thoughts though, and if Ps comes back there are additional options.

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Thanks for listening to the video/audio.

I know I probably came off as absolute in the video, however I’d like to mention, that that is just ‘our’ experience.


Each child suffers differently so what is my experience and what works for us, may not work for the next child.

But it seemed relevant enough to make a video.

Even if it helps just one person I’m happy.


However if we could help them all, wouldn’t that be wonderful!!

PANDAS is such a horrible burden for the little ones to bare.

I hope now that light is being shed on this illness, something good comes of it.

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