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has any one tested neg. thru igenex?


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and just personal PS from me

People who come here are usually here because they are fighting major health battles


Last thing they need is to find members battling each other!!


I wish this forum had a "like" button. I agree 100%! I have enough stress within my own family to worry about dealing with added stress from a "support group". At this point, I would hesitate referring any other PANDAS/PITANDS/PANS parents to this forum for support, which is very unfortunate since I found this forum extremely helpful when our family was first hit with PANDAS last year.

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Hey P. mom, who you callin a man? You know, I get too caught up, and then my family gets mad, so I have to post and leave.


anyway dan is short for danielle!


thanks for making me smile






Oh...shoot! :lol: Sorry! It was the "Dan" signature that threw me off! Then, all the rest "seemed" to fit in. Dang this cyber world! Sorry Danielle!


So, Smarty wasn't the only one to get it "way wrong!" :ph34r:

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I think this post has a gremlin hiding in it. I am going to abandon it and start paying attention to other posts that can help further my son's progress. I too, have a wild sense of humor but I guess that I shouldn't always expect others to agree with it. However, my sense of humor is often what gets me thru the really hard times. I think it's fair to say that Dan(ielle) has received multiple answers to her original question - some on track, some quite off track. However, I have seen that some people have posted that IgeneX tested negative for Lyme.


Vicky LH, I am really sad to read your post - I was feeling much the same way a couple of days ago. However, several great and supportive parents PM'd me to encourage me to look beyond this thread and to stick with it. I have gotten a lot of great info from this forum, as well as understanding and kindness from many of its members. I hope that you will have that too -


Warm regards, Kath

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whewwww. Haven't checked in for a while and peeked in to this heated thread. I do not want to get involved in the conflict AT ALL. I just want to make a simple statement. We all have been suffering along with our families and children from WHATEVER is causing this illness. Only you know your child best... but let me ask you this question.....


If you were to find the answer to what heals your child today, would you want to share it with the families suffering from this???


If your child made such dramatic progress that you, your child and your family felt like you got your life back, and you were living like a pretty normal family with just a shadow of the worst days in your memory would you want to help those that are in the darkest hours at this moment????


If you knew that many more children and families were going to suffer just like you did or worse, and you had some information that brought your family back to life would you want to help prevent that suffering???


I have to say this for myself and many of the other Lyme moms... this is the case.. It is not judgemental, it is us desperately wanting to share what has helped us be pulled out of the vortex of this illness. My dd was CLASSIC PANDAS, all clinical symptoms AND elevated titers.... did 4 ivig and yr of abx with some success but not enough. Not until Lyme diagnosis.. Now 100% (100%!!!!!!!!) except during flare cycles or herxing, which is so mild compared to our best days a year ago I can hardly count it. I STILL have trouble believing the LYme diagnois, but treatment is working and I can't deny that. So that is the passion that runs through the veins of the lyme forum. Unfortunately it gets misdirected at times.


Please understand it is just a desire to shout from the rooftops what has helped our childen! Unfortunately it is not as cut and dry as a simple test, so research and education are NECESSARY. That is also what is trying to be relayed here, not debated.

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Dan I just got my results from Igenex the other day +IGG(++31 &+41) -IGM(+18,IND31,+41).The LLMD who recently started treating dd7 ordered the test for me but Im starting to wonder how LL he is,so I dont know what I will do with these results. Where is that dog?:) P.S. Three cheers for our dogs!!! I know ours is always there to let me pat and hug,never says the wrong thing,and when I cant lay with dd till she falls asleep at night he is more than happy to do that for me too. Angela

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