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Not only is this idiopathic syndrome interesting in itself, but I thought you guys would appreciate the clear, direct mention to PANDAS when describing the proposed strep immune reaction. No "this diagnosis is controversial" disclaimer, no calling it by another name or anything like that. Just PANDAS. recognition is nice, isn't it?



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I didn't read it, but there is a book about an epidemic of encephelitis lethargica in the early 1900's that was recently written by Molly Crosby. I actually had several emails with her, she was considering writing a pandas piece- which unfortunately was put on the back burner.



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Encephalitis Lethargica powerpoint


In case any of you are interested, I thought I would post this. It is 2 years old & from Hong Kong, I believe; however it is very pertinent to PANDAS (or whatever similar disorder is affecting our kids.)


I also ordered (in print & e-book- I am such a nerd!) the new Encephalitis Lethargica book by Joel Vilensky. It is great for those interested folks.

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