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I am now halfway through treatment, which has worked wonder for me. My extended QT is gone, my TLE is gone, & my Cervical Dystonia is better than ever before. :)


That being said... it has also had a downside. In the past seven months or so, I have lost about 1/3 of my body mass. I've gone from 5'3" & 138 pounds to hovering around 90 pounds. None of my clothes fit. People I don't even know feel the need to call me Anorexic/Bulimic every single day. My blood pressure, which I've mentioned before, is now too low to read most days. We were checking vital signs in my Clinical class & the poor girl that got me as a partner kept telling our incredulous teacher that she couldn't hear anything. It wasn't until the teacher, who was a hospice RN for 27 years, tried & failed to find it that the girl got another partner. Last I checked it was 70/50. My Adderall has been at the same dose for a year, I've been gluten-free for going on two years, & my diet hasn't changed at all. I just keep losing weight & my blood pressure keeps dipping lower & lower...


We've tested for Candida. Not only was I negative, I wasn't even close to positive. We've tested for Addison's. Negative as well. &, of course, I've been told I have an eating disorder by every doctor too lazy to help me.


I AM NOT ANOREXIC. I EAT THREE MEALS A DAY. So why am I shedding pounds like they're nothing??? Dr. Rao, a well known PITAND immunologist in DFW Texas, thinks that treating the Lyme has made something else rear its ugly head. So far though, we have yet to identify that ugly head. No progress on the immunological front, either, although I've been interested in something called Mannose-Binding Lectin Deficiency, but that wouldn't explain either of the above symptoms.


Please help. :(

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Maybe try writing down everything you are eating, and do a calorie count.

I know others who had kids that were getting too thin, the Dr. made them do a food journal, and they found out there actually

wasn't enough calories for the day. Ensure shakes?

Sorry, just some thoughts- I don't anything about the low blood pressure, but it sounds worrisome :-(

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I'm glad you've seen improvements! But the weight - holy cow!! Have you been checked for parasites? Have you checked your mineral and vitamin levels to make sure you're not also getting severely malnourished? Sounds like 3 meals isn't nearly enough right now. Have you checked the herbs you're on to make sure there aren't any side effects? Has your adrenal system, pituitary, hormone levels been checked? I'm not driving at anything specific - just trying to think of the systems that could be coming into play.


Have you discussed with Dr R any medication holidays - maybe going off some things to see if you get improvement? Are you forcing yourself to eat - like you're not hungry? Or is your appetite normal?

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Wow, that is a lot of weight loss and must be very frightening for you. If you were my daughter, I would see if there is a doctor that would admit you so that they can monitor your weight and perhaps force it up with IV nutrients or something. Better safe than sorry. To me, that kind of weight loss seems very, very serious, especially if you are eating normally.

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My goodness, this does sound like a serious problem. Are you feeling starving, are you eating until you feel full? I used to eat very large meals even though I was very skinny. Eventually I found out I had a lot of food allergies. They were treated with NAET and I started gaining weight. I felt very hungry, so was eating until I felt full, it was just a lot of food, and after food allergies were treated, I had to start eating less. Don't know how much of this matches your situation, but thought I should mention it.


Other possibilities I wonder about here are parasites, fungus/candida/yeast. I don't think blood/stool tests for these things are reliable, and would put much more trust in energy testing for these things. Sometimes cancer will cause severe weight loss too.


I have low b.p. too, not like yours, but it has been stuck on 100/60 for years, and a relatively new doc just today told me this can be a sign of adrenals being severely fatigued and underperforming.


Just some thoughts here of things to look into. Hoping you can find a good doc to really find out what's going on!

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