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Florida PANDAS parents

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I will eventually get around to sending out an email to the contacts that I have in Florida, but I wanted to put feelers out regarding a dinner gathering in Tampa on Nov. 12 (Saturday). The National Autism Association Conference is that weekend at Trade Winds Resort (there is a pandas presentation on Friday). I may or may not be attending the conference, but either way I plan to be in town b/c I have friends (pandas/autism) who are attending the conference and I have a cousin in town who will have just had a baby that I am planning to stay with that weekend (killing lots of birds with one stone).


I plan to have dinner (etc. ;) ) on Saturday night with some other pandas mommies who are coming into town and I thought maybe some others would like to meet up with us?


Let me know...

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HI Stephanie! I wish I could join you! I will be in Tampa on Nov. 16 for our appointment with Dr. Murphy, so I will miss it by a couple of days. I really wanted to go to the NAA conf, but it is just not going to work this year. I am sending you a PM to add my info to your list of Florida PANDAS parents contacts. Thanks!!!

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