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Is levaquin used for lyme, bartonella?

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I am on Levaquin. It's a whammy of an antibiotic only used for Bartonella, not Lyme-

I say it's a whammy, because it has a black box warning label on it (obviously, for adults only)

but it can rupture tendons.

It is important to take lots of magnesium 3-4 hours away from Levaquin, some say also Vitamin C, and I've read iodine, too (I am taking 1/2 tablet of iodoral.)


Maybe she doesn't have Bartonella- but I can't see any Dr. giving her this antibiotic without some sort of indication- I had to have a positive test for Bart to get it.


Oh, and I am NOT feeling great! No sir. I am on some herbals, too- detoxing, etc.


Are you still feeling great on Doxy?

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