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When do you stop bartonella treatment

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DS10 has lyme and bartonella (confirmed by antibodies). Has been on rifampin for bart almost 4 months. Will be getting repeat bartonella antibody test results back next week. But, how does one decide to stop rifampin? Is it based on resolution of symptoms (which may overlap with Lyme? Or when antibodies decrease? Or...?)


Would love to hear other people's stories before our results come back.



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This is a tough decision.


My friends son is positive for Bartonella and their Dr. loves to track titer resolution. He went negative for Bartonella in month three of treatment. The Dr. then rotated to treat Lyme more directly for 3 months but retested the Bartonella titers and it came back positive again. At that time the decision was made to hit the Bartonella hard again for another 9 months. It is believed that the Bartonella is now gone per titers and ART testing. However, he is still dealing with Lyme/Babesia. He was treated for Bartonella one year.


9 weeks ago, we thought our younger DD was doing well enough to stop treatment for Bartonella. As a result we stopped Rifampin portion of her antibiotic regimen and she relapsed in 6 days with high fever and was a completely different child. Its been really hard for us to parse together exactly what happened but our Dr. felt she wasn't ready to come off antibiotics and probably a combination of things that cause the dynamic shift (new exposure, Bartonella, CORE, etc). I can assure you its been a painful process of trying to get her back to her previous baseline. We ended up loading her up on detox for over 3 weeks and are in the process of adding and upping antibiotics back in to protocol. I can already tell she is doing better since we added Azithro two days ago. Nothing short of miracle after the long painful haul of backsliding. She does not suffer from OCD/TICS and only had one noticeable symptom to me of rash prior to relapse. Her relapse consisted of mood, mood switching, emotional liability, anxiety and aggressive. I will admit this experience has made our family very tentative in stopping the treatment process too early.


In the shared experience off forum. The longer you treat Bartonella the more likely you'll get convert results for co-infections. I know the testing is expensive but sometimes important to do again further into treatment.



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This is a timely post. We are on month 7 of rifampin and mino. My son has been sick for approx 3 years so as long as liver is holding steady, we're waiting until the year mark to evaluate. Between lyme and bart there are flares consistently. Every week looks basically the same. I think when we are down to more monthly flare, maybe bart has gone?

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