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My very mild pandas ds had an awful reaction to the anesthesia. It scared the life out of me because the dr. told me it could last months.. thankfully it lasted exactly one week. He didn't have pandas symptoms but he had AWFUL night terrors, no appetite (not because it hurt to eat from the surgery), and pretty much no personality.. he was just there... It was not like him at all and exactly one week after the surgery it was like a switch was pushed and he was back to himself without the night terrors, and was eating and full of life again. I asked what he was given and was told that the anesthesia they used was fentanyl/propofol. My daughter had the same procedure with absolutely no reaction to it. If my son had gone first though I would have been terrified to have my daughter have that. Her's was first so I was caught off guard by my son's reaction.

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