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He's already on it, in a pill form. But it was just prescribed for my younger son for sinusitis, at a higher dose than my DS10 (Lyme/bartonella) so I was wondering about lyme dosages. Do you know how many mgs are in your 4 ml? Thanks!

65 lbs - 4 ml twice a day. Unfortunately, that means it has to be liquid, not a pill, which is twice as expensive. Grr...

Is that where you're headed?

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Wow, I may ask for an increased dose, then. He is 92 pounds, on 300 mg once per day (Capsules are 300 mg. Maybe there are other forumulations to get to 400).


But, he is also on two other abx, so maybe that's why his dosage is lower than what you guys are on.


4 ml = 200mg, so he gets 400mg/day. I thought pills were much higher dose - what's your DS weigh and what's his dosage? Would love to have the ability to get pills

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