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My understanding is that the combination of Zithromax and Bactrim together is used for Bartonella and for Lyme.


When we first got my dd's positive Bartonella results, our PANDAS doc, Dr. B., put her on both and referred us to Dr. J. Since it was going to take so long to see Dr. J, we saw an LLMD, Dr. H., closer to home. At that point in time we did not yet have her Lyme results back...just Bartonella. Dr. H. told us that the two medications together were good to treat both Lyme and Bartonella.


Since then, we have also seen Dr. J. and he has kept her on the Zithromax and Bactrim combined to treat the Bartonella. Her Lyme results have appeared negative so far.


She has been on these two meds together since the end of March. It's been a slow climb up, with lots of ups and downs, but she is now about 90%. So I think we're on the right path with that treatment.

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