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IOCDF weighs in on PANDAS/PANS


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Some of you may have already seen this in the IOCDF newsletter. For those who haven't, this article may go a long way in swaying your local medical practitioners...Dr Jenike is one of the preeminent OCD specialists in the country. His compassion and commitment to his patients is renowned - he sees the sickest of the sick and has traveled to the homes of some who could not leave the house because of their OCD. Susan is an amazing mother, mountain mover and ERP practitioner extraordinaire (and an incredible human being).



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This is an excellent, well written article. I have sadly noted that several pediatricians to whom I have spoken seem to need a better education in understanding the basic autoimmune mechanism. If I can get a couple in particular to put aside their arrogance and actually read this, they will perhaps catch up with this fast growing area of medicine! For those that wish to further their education and learn more in the treatment of their patients, it will be very helpful indeed!

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