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viral link to mental illness article


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On a lark, I ordered a subscription to the Saturday evening post magazine, through an online Tanga deal a month or so ago.

I went to my mailbox this afternoon and right on the cover:

BRAIN HEALTH: The Viral link to mental illness


I sat in my car and read it before I even went back to the house.


Check it out! I needed to read this in print today!


Saturday Evening Post Article

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Thank you! I feel really interested and excited to see this in "main stream" script, rather than medical only (although that's exciting also). It's so cool that PANDAS is being recognized in expanded arenas now. 20 years from now everyone will know, and we will not be looked upon as so unusual...or even doubted as to the viability of what we declare as debilitating illness in our children. In adition, perhaps I can even imagine that PANDAS will be an antiquated thing of the past in 2031! -Kath

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