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Flu Shot?

Ashley B

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Flu season is right around the corner and I was just wondering how many parents in this forum get their child the flu shot. I used to get my DD6 the flu shot every year, but after all that I have read about vaccines I am very hesitant. Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated!




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We won't be getting flu shots for our kids ever again.


And we got an exemption for our daughter's scheduled vaccinations as she enters kindergarten.


No reason to risk compromising an otherwise healthy immune system.


- Chris

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I recently read that the flu shot has thimerasol in it- which has been linked to causing tics.


We don't give flu shots to our children either.


I agree with Cj60- no reason to risk compromising an otherwise healthy immune system. We found out after vaccinating our son - that he has a genetic mutation on a chromosome that makes it difficult for him to process toxins out of his body. Unfortunately, he was vaccinated in Russia prior to adoption, and then Homeland Security required that we vaccinate him in the US, so the poor kid had a double whammy.



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Brand new sufferer here . . and by sufferer I mean parent of a child we just realized is suffering from something the doctors haven't even diagnosed yet, but near as I can tell, its some kind of Tourettes. And when did we notice it? 7 days after the nasal mist flu shot. Our son, 9, says his face was doing things like that before, but I tell you, there isn't a snowball's chance in ###### I could miss what I'm seeing now, so either its a flasming coincidence, or that flu mist brought out something horrible in his brain.


My question . . I see a lot of other people notice "worsening" after an immunization, but for HOW LONG? Is this a temporary thing? Or is full bore from here on out?

If he did have some subtle blinking and nose wiggling before, we didn't notice it, and would pray it would return to that sub-noticeable level. Now, he is in full facial grimace every 15 seconds when reading, though for some reason, he can maintain a face to face conversation for a while (like he did with the doctor) wihtout revealing them.


My other question is, since I have no point of reference whatsoever, what constitutes sever tics versus minor tics? Is facial grimace a common one? So far, no other body part buy head/neck involved. He does clear his throat, but only right after a big grimace, as though his throat is seizing to, and he is deliberately clearing the irritation.

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There is a version which doesn't contain any mercury (thimerosal) which you may feel more comfortable using.


Anyone have links to studies showing thimerosal causes tics? I'd be interested in reading these.


edit - part of this article mentions it:



this one, too:


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it is not just the thimerosal that is potentially problematic as they add other ick adjuvants too


and for us this is the biggest reason

most of our kids already have compromised immune systems

so anything that can trigger an adverse immune reaction is potentially problematic


honestly, most people just deal with flu, unpleasant as it is


why risk an even worse problem by doing the shot

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