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Viral Panel--HHV6, HTLV-2, EBV, CMV, Coxsackie

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I would like to request a viral panel from my doctor tomorrow, but don't know how to ask. What tests are important? Would anyone happen to have specific information that I could give to the doctor (lab test name and cpt. code). I would prefer a test done through Labcorp or Quest as they are in-network for us. Some tests I've heard about--HHV6, HTLV-2, EBV, CMV, Coxsackie

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Hi, I don't have the cpt codes- with our last Dr., I just said I want to do a viral panel- I thought/knew she had viral issues.

So, he ordered the CMV, all the herpes viruses, and EBV.

We did the test through labcorp, and I didn't get insurance coverage, and the test cost $1,000! Couldn't believe it.


Anway, we came back high CMV, HHV-6, and EBV.

Our new Dr. looked at this, along with some other testing we had done, and said her EBV and HHV-6 are so high, it is one of the first layers that needs to be dealt with in her immune system.

We started Famvir last week to tamp down these virsues.



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