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Test for binding immune complexes

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Our LLMD uses Quest (two tests)...but he runs all our labs with Quest, outside of tick borne infections.


C3D Circulating Immune Complexes

C3D Immune Complex


Immune Complex Detection by C1Q Binding



Here is the test my son has already had done by ARUP labs as ordered by Dr. T:



It appears to be the same test as you have mentioned. Here are the results. What do they mean?


Immune Complex Profile:


Raji Cell, Quantitative 6.2 ug Eq/ml (normal < 15.1)


Immune complexes C1q Binding 1.5 ug Eq/ml (negative < 4.4)

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I'm not really sure what it means, other than some children with elevated immune complexes could test negative for the Lyme Western Blot, due to the antibiodies being bound within the complexes. My daughter's result is normal, so I didn't ask any further questions. Sorry - no help here.

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