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Food allergy testing?


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Just wondering if anyone has done food allergy/sensitivity testing for their PANDAS child? Tics come and go. No sign of infections or sinus problems...but wondering if I should investigate food testing? I know some of the kids react to Food dyes but would like to know for sure if that could be triggering symptoms. <_<


Thanks everyone.



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My ds's skin and blood tests show he's "allergic" to almost everything, yet he's never had an anaphylactic reaction to anything!! We're tried a rotation diet to see if that made a difference, but had to abandon that due to very low weight, and a nightmare to do with a picky eater! So what does this all mean? Still haven't got a logical explanation, even from the allergist! From what I've read here, PANDAS kids fall into either the "over-reactive immune system" (my child, rarely gets the usual bugs that go around) or the "under-reactive immune system" ie. kids always coming down with infections or IGA deficient. The over-reactive group explains them being susceptable to PANDAS and autoimmune disorders. Sorry, I'm not much help here, but it's probably worth a try getting it checked, I believe the more information you have, is always a better way to go, and you never know what you'll discover along the way!

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