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can someone help me?


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a little background..


our 4yo is a terror-- very physical, constantly on the go, punishment means nothing to her.

she is very on target, or even ahead, developmentally. She has a huge vocabulary, colors well, knows her letters and has for almost a year, very coordinated.

she is extremely obstinate, loud and somewhat obsessive about particular things (amount of toilet paper she uses, hair being an exact way, sensory issues)

We have several children and NONE of them have been like her. Even our family doctor asked me if I thought she had ADHD! I have thought that for a long, long time- but did not know if & what to do for a 4yo like this.


I am also wondering if this is a presentation of PANDAS/PITANDS- given the somewhat OCD presentation.

We have 2 older children with PANDAS and a third who probably has it, too.


Any ideas where to begin?


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