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Help finding Lyme dr in Rochester NY area

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Hello Lyme people

After agonizing and sleepless nights, we decided to send my just turned 18 hrs old pandas/bartonella/probably Lyme son to a college in upstate NY.

He is leaving not only his home and family but comfort zone of pandas/Lyme doctors of southern Ca. (you all understand how uncomfortable and annoying it was to be seating in a doctors office who has no idea what pandas means or not believing lyme could cause ocd.

I am looking for a Lyme doctor who also understands pandas in Rochester NY area. My son is starting his orientation tomorrow so we just flew in last night.

He will go back to his doctors when he comes home for breaks but for my own peace of mind I would like to get some help from this area as well.

Would any of you know of such a doctor in this area?

We are at Geneva NY near Rochester.

Thank you in advance


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There are LLMD's (not sure about PANDAS) in Buffalo NY and Plattsburg NY. Probably equadistant from Rochester. PM me for names if you want.


I live in Buffalo. I'm only aware of one enviromental doctor here familiar with lyme but not versed in it. Myself and others were not able to find someone we were confident with here. I may PM for the names. Plattsburgh is about 6 hours from Rochester. But Buffalo is only around 45 min. So it is very close.

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Thank you all for your inputs but I will keep him with Cal doctors until I find someone near his school for now.

He is doing well (knock on wood )



To Pandas16

How are you doing with TSO yourself?

Will went down the hill with last dose (7th, I think)

I was so so disappointed but he is doing better with current one.

I have 2 more doses left and if I don't see improvement by then, I am thinking of stopping TSO.

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