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Anyone's Child Hypoglemic?

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My son just had a complete metabolic panel run to check liver function since he has been on antibiotics for almost a year. The test was fine. I did not realize they would be testing glucose as part of this panel, so he did not fast. His glucose was tested at 82 (normal 74-106) which my son's naturopath thought was low for a non-fasting person. He suggested increasing the amount of protein in my son's diet.


On this website, it is recommended to have your child checked for hypoglycemia before suspecting PANDAS.




I was wondering if anyone has had their child checked for hypoglycemia. This is very interesting to me as diabetes runs in my family and though I have never been tested, I have felt for years that I am hypoglycemic, though my glucose is normal. I never go more than a couple of hours without eating something. Always eat protein first thing in the morning, even if I'm not hungry.


If anyone has had the test done (G.T.T. test) and it came back positive, what did you do? Is it possible being hypoglycemic could cause a child exposed to strep to get PANDAS symptoms.


This is also interesting to me because my son is in perfect health except for PANDAS. We never suspected infection when he had the sudden onset of OCD. We were shocked when his ASO was high as he had no signs of infection, not even a sore throat. He has never been sickly in any way before now.

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