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Info Gathering for PANDAS Parents Meeting

PANDAS Parents Meeting Poll  

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  1. 1. Do you think you will be attending the first ever PANDAS Parents Meeting in Indianapolis on 11/5/11? It will be a half day meeting with lunch served (12pm - 4pm/5pm).

    • Yes (this is not an RSVP...just informational for now)
    • No
  2. 2. If attending, will you need a hotel room?

    • No I will drive home that night
    • Yes for Friday night only
    • Yes for Saturday night only
    • Yes for Friday and Saturday night
    • I am not attending

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We are still in the planning phase of the first ever PANDAS Parents Meeting. :) We are close to firming up the date (November 5, 2011) and the location in Indianapolis. More info will be available in the next weeks. We may post this poll in multiple locations...please ONLY VOTE ONCE so we can get an accurate count. You can message me if you have questions, but we are still in the planning phase, so specifics are not set yet.


Also, we will be doing fundraising for the event until Sept 5th. (PM me for details if you're interested.) Our hope is to cover the costs of the meeting/luncheon so attendees would only pay for gas, lodging, and additional meals.


Thank you!

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I answered "no" to the first question, but it would not let me cast a vote unless I also answered the second question. I just entered no for that too, even though I won't be driving home that night (since I won't be there...) B) I'm not sure if you can edit the wording or add a choice to the second question so that the people not attending have an option.


I wish I could go. I think it's a great idea.


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Kara...I fixed it to add a "not attending" answer. :) (It should let you change your answer if you wish.) This was my first poll on here. Wish you could be there too! I'd love to get us ALL in the same room...not sure the world could handle what would result from that tho'. ;)

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