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Which test is Dr. T ordering to measure low brain histamine?

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I have read on the forum about Dr. T's thoughts that low brain histamine is causing PANDAS. Does any one know which test he is ordering to test for this? Is it the cytokines TH1/TH2 serum test that he is ordering from IBT labs? If so which number on there shows the brain histamine is low?


Or is it part of the t-cell subset test he orders from Mayo Clinic. If so, which result is he looking at?

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Low Histamine??

Then why antihystamines??


I thought antihystamines took away to high histamines?

How do you lower hystamine levels??


I cantkeep up anymore



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Brain histamine also controls two hormones; prolactin and antidiaretic. I have no prolactin production, even with my pregnancies. I just emailed dr T today asking if this is related. I also asked about the relationship/confusion between low brain histamine versus histaminic responses in the rest of the body. I'll let you know what he says if I here back.

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