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Hi -


I need help find a psychologist for my DS10 in the NY/Long Island area. The ones I know don't really understand the nuances of TS+. If you know of someone who does and works well with children please PM me. I really need someone my DS can talk to. Thanks a lot. Ngold24

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Google Movement Disorders Clinics in NY. I did and several came up but wasnt sure which was closest to you. Some may come up under Parkinsons and Movement Disorder Clinic. they treat parkinsons and TS. We go to something simiiar in Atanta, Ga. and have seen a doc in Tx . They are the best. I prefer seeing neurologist than psy. And thats what u would probably see. These clinics specialize in Ts. I have heard of a great doc. name in NY but cannot remember his name( sorry) but google and see wht u find! good luck!

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Hi Kimwal - I did google as you suggested and got the names of some places/Drs which are a little too far for us. My son has been seeing a neurologist for several years but I'd like for my DS to have a therapist to talk to about anxiety, tourettic-ocd, impulse control, etc.. I actually know of a great one but my DS (younger one) doesn't like him and won't talk to him. :( Thanks!

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