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We Went to the Denist

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Thought I'd share our trip to the dentist. Our PANDAS ds went in for routine checkup 6 months ago. His newly formed 6 years molars were already slightly soft when they did a pressure test. It was suggested to get sealants and we passed. Then a couple weeks ago, it once again time for routine check up. Those 6 year molars were softer now according to the pressure test, but only borderline cavity. We were told his 6 year molars had extremely deep grooves, deepest the dentist has seen in his 22 years, and we were once again suggested to do sealants.If they did sealants, they would have to rid the teeth of the soft spots first.


After a lot of contemplation, and some still existing hesitation, we decided on the sealants since he had those deep grooves and I guessed he inhereited my awful teeth. In order to get rid of the soft spots, they would use a fast circulating brush like instrument that would brush away those soft spot prior to sealant. It was not drilling. No novocaine would be needed.


So, he went in this morning. After the dentist started to "brush away" the soft spots, he said the enamel on his back teeth never developed. There can be a number of reason why and with some kids it just doesn't. We did nothing wrong. It also ended up he had cavities in two of those molars with no enamel. This is a kid that does not eat a lot of sweets, doesn't chew gum, never drank a drop of soda in his life, and brushes his teeth daily. Those molars are less than a year old.


The good news, no novocaine was needed still it was so superficial. When I got home, of course I researched lack of tooth enamel and it said kids with immune problems can have this issue.


So, the reason for this long post is just to share our experience so if you find yourself with the same decision to make, you have more info to help you make your own personal decision.


For us, I'm glad we did this now. If we waited, it could have eventually led to a worse cavity or a root canal which would run a higher chance of emitting bacteria into the body, needing anesthetic, etc.

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