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Strep season?

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My dd11 came home from camp Friday informing me her counselor was not there that day because he had strep and that she should let her mom know two other campers did also. Honestly, I'm impressed they read the health form I filled out. We were at our new peds office for well checks Friday also and both girls got cipro-something for the swimmer's ear.


Saturday, she starts....the skin picking we haven't seen since May 2010, the separation anxiety (she actually cried in Costco today and has been my shadow), the OCD rigid thinking and perseverative conversation, she's hopping and thumping periodically and said she wanted to cancel her sleepover at our house next weekend because she thought she was too young to handle it (something she's been looking forward to for awhile.)


She was taking 875mg Augmentin (5'5", 125) once daily, so I've doubled her up on that until I can reach Dr. B's office tomorrow and see if there is anything else to do.


Last summer, she had her first IVIG in May and made huge improvements until a sudden spiral that occurred Aug.13. I know this because we were on vacation and her sister started with symptoms a 5 days before. I almost feel like I can time this with the irritating cicadas' arrival for crying out loud! Last year, it lasted for 11 days from start to finish, increasing from prophylactic dose to full strength on the vacation. But I remember her being hit with a succession of exposures/infections (early/mid Aug to early Oct.) She never "swabs positive", but last year we were able to confirm the strep with a baseline from July and a marked rise in both ASO and anti DNAse B in early October.


Here is something interesting; my girl with the previously chronically dilated eyes who have been normal the past several months; her eyes are not dilated now, they are remaining normal, which I see as a good thing. Interesting how easy it is to see these obvious behavioral changes once your kid gets to a place where they are no longer a chronic hot mess.


She goes for IVIG Aug 30. I'm thinking she should stay on treatment dose abx until at least October and perhaps this will be one episode instead of a series. Interestingly, my other dd8 is on zith and so far so good.


Cicadas really irritate me....and so does strep. Thanks to 911RN I can't get the picture of antibodies with 6-packs of beer in her brain out of my head! Anybody gotta tissue? :unsure:

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I'm sorry you're in this spot. You must be so on edge. Tissues are on the way. Thankfully, I'm sure you'll have additional tools once you speak with Dr B. and the wild party will be squashed. If brain fog becomes an issue and you want some ideas on detox stuff, give me a shout. But here's hoping this episode will be short-lived!


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I'm sorry. Do you have anything anti-inflammatory you can give as well? I have been reading a lot of kids getting back from camp and vacation and having symptoms resurface, probably due to exposure, coming off the excitement of the trip, and being tired and having to adjust back to life and routine at home. So, let's hope that is what it is and in a few days she will shed what has resurfaced. Push sleep and being laid back. I hope and pray all levels out very quickly!

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We doubled up her Augmentin starting Saturday and she has started to pull out of her backslide. Not to jinx her, but we slammed the strep (who knows whether exposure or infection), slammed it down fast and hard and she has turned the corner from crying I went an aisle away in a store to the slumber party is on!


The skin picking issue is very interesting to me.... I know Nancy has shared with us Dr T's theories regarding histamine being low. I still believe my girl has a hyper-histaminic response related to the auto-immune process. Not only was she starting to pick at her skin over the weekend, but also complaining of histamine cascading just from standing, not even running or exercise, just standing. Perhaps I should consider Claritan or something? Idk.


The perseverative thought issue is not what is considered "classic OCD."

But it is OCD just the same. Saturday we as a family had a conversation about Cookie Monster getting the ax and being replaced by Veggie Monster. She has brought it up over and over again....she wants to make her Halloween costume a voting box of Cookie vs Veggie monster, on and on the conversation went, in places where it didn't fit, like a preschooler who learned how to tell her first joke....really cute when you are four, pathetic at 11. Thank goodness, she's giving Cookie Monster a rest!


Dr B suggests remaining on full dose until she sees him again at the end of the month, fine! She is also no longer complaining of the swimmers ear. One day at a time.


Thank you for the well wishes. Slam down the beast fast and hard!

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Thank you so much for your input!!! My dd has not been one to articulate intrusive thoughts much at all, so how do you ever know? She has, however, exhibited the verbal diarrhea you describe with your dd that I thought was anxiety? IDK, like when you are nervous on a first date and don't shut up because the silence is too uncomfortable??? But my dd11 did just start seeing a therapist and I am going to float your idea by her. Perhaps overtime, she can determine if the genesis of perseverative conversation or being hyper-verbous is general anxiety or r/t intrusive thoughts. Very thought provoking, thank you!!!



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