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Anyone tried parasite cleanses? If so, what have you used? I just bought some Wormwood stuff we will try. Not sure if we have parasites (well, besides Lyme) but some of the bloodwork from the kids came back indicative of possible parasitic infection.

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Yep. 2 years ago, I tried W-W (oil, with parasite herbs, way too nasty to drink) rubbed on dd's feet before bed, with socks. We called it 'green feet time.'

A couple months ago, I tried Humaworm for kids (capsules, she swallows caps now) but after a couple of days, she was 'off the hook' so I chickened out, ended up taking them myself, lol.

Just got a metametrix stool test back, it indicated parasites, but not what type. Our Dr. prescribed a 10 day script of Flagyl, and a new anti-fungal to target specifically what is going on-

We are on day 3- first two days, lots of herx/die off, hyper, not sleeping at night.

Slept last night, today was better.

My advice is: Keep the bowels moving! Lots of drinks. We also use magnesium citrate to keep the bowels moving, epsom salt cream rubbed on back and feet.

You may have a rough time at the start- I'm glad we pushed through this time---still going. BTW, have not 'seen' anything crazy ewwww, sorry, but hey, we are talking parasites.

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pandas16--Nope, haven't heard of it! Please explain!


All I know is the bloodwork came back with high eos and baso and neutro (I would have to get it out to check for sure) on the kids. Also had high IgE. They are highly allergic to something. They have all been on soy or special formulas.


S&S---good luck with it! i hope you see positive results.

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