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tics worse after pex?

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I’ve been MIA. I needed a real break, the site of the computer made me sick. Ds had been doing fairly well. (idk why, school out?,we were doing doxy as igg for myco which is always a just a smidge high?, growing out of it?)


Took ds in for filling before pex, ended up the an infected salivary gland we had to clear and postponed pex a couple weeks.(TEETH!)

Well we just finished pex on thurday 7/28 and ds asked,” mom is it possible that my tics can get worse before they get better? “ As we left the hospital I could see that they were worse. He was about a 3- when we went in and now he is around 7-8+. Is herxing or churning up of stuff possible with pex? Is it getting the stuff in his marrow? Is it an adverse reaction to something in the plasma?


I wanted to be one of the those who were better in the hospital. i heard that is not the normal case and it does take a couple weeks to see something with pex typically, but worsening? Does anyone have words or thought for me and ds? We are getting by, but I am also sick about it.


Anyone worse before getting better with pex?

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Yes, my son's tics got worse after pex. Took several weeks before they re-settled. But other things got better during that time - mood, OCD, anxiety..then finally tics went away. We went nearly 18 months without tics after that - until a bad herx from tindamax this past spring. But they too subsided once we stopped tindamax.

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