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Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder -15 yr old

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My fifteen year old son has been considered learning disabled since beginning of second grade specific reading and writing, with emphasis on dyslexic.


I was concerned that he may be dropped from the program do to the lack of support he needs, his accomodations are sufficient. He is on the high honor roll and excelling.


I was told by a resource room teacher that if he was dropped from the program the accomodations that he uses would be dropped also.


So, this past Thursday I had him test for ADD. It was found that he was 85% valid with hyperactivity and impulsive. I have known that there was reasonable justification that this would be the situation. Since it has been confirmed I feel, as though, my son has a new disorder. I am trying to locate information regarding medications, vitamins, etc., I find it completely overwhelming.


I have been against giving him medication, but he asked me today, "Could we try it?" I dont' want him to go into this with shallow thoughts that this could be a fix. But, with accurate information to make honest decisions with.


I honestly feel overwhelmed. Have anyone found that the information given by drug companies is accurate on their medications? Where else can I find information regarding this?


I went from knowing my son and doing the best we can for him, to am I doing the best I can for him. I am having self-doubt regarding my parenting skills.


Thank you for any help you can give me. Shel

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My name is Teresa, I have a son who is 6 years old and is ADHD. I have taken him to the doctor and he is on alot of medication.There are times he looks like a zombie because of his medications.He has problems being quiet in class and sometimes he gets way out of control,then there are those times when he is the sweetest child you ever met.


I would like to hear from someone who understands what I'm dealing with everyday, and hopefully would have a suggestion or two as to what I can do to take him off these medications that may be more armful than good.So if you have any ideas as to a diet or therapy please let me know.

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