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Hi, my name is Kim. A friend of mine told me I should check out Latitudes. I'm 25, was diagnosed with Tourette Syndrome at age 7, and have been having a lot of problems lately. I'm almost positive that I have undiagnosed Sensory Processing Disorder (possibly even Asperger's, but that might be more questionable - can't seem to find any mild examples of Asperger's that I can relate to). I'm seeing a very good doctor in a little over a week, so I'm trying to gather as much information on SPD as I can to present him with. I know he's familiar with it, but I have to be able to show him all the connections with my problems so he has no doubt and can diagnose me. At this point, I've done a lot of reading on the disorder, but I've never talked with a person who had it and compared notes. I'd really be interested in hearing other people's experiences.


I've had a very rough couple weeks, so forgive me if my thoughts are a bit disjointed. I'm holding an awful lot in my head right now! :P

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