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Just thought I'd share that with everyone. I have yet to see the results for myself but I trust this hospital. Despite the Temporal Lobe Epileptogenesis diagnosis in November of 2009 the EEG showed no seizure activity. Granted, I know whatever seizures I may or may not have are not photosensitive so I am looking into a three day test. The only abnormality on the MRI was an asymmetrical Hippocampus, which from what I've read is not of much if any concern. Yay yay yay! :D

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These results also meant that I am allowed to drive again! Yay! I am about to be halfway through treatment & at the moment I feel like I've hit a plateau. Some days are better than others but I haven't seen much improvement this round. overall I have improved by LEAPS & BOUNDS though. :) Still very optimistic but just stagnated a bit, I suppose. Feeling particularly exhausted & moody with school starting but that's to be expected from anyone, haha.

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