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Anyone experience any benefit from meditation?

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Hey Guy, I noticed that many of your posts go unanswered and I'm not sure why but wanted to respond here. My cousin has tics due to a brain injury she sustained in a car accident. She has found that biofeedback and meditation help relax her neuro system but not enough to get rid of the tics themselves. I have thought that guided meditation would help my son as would EFT(emotional freedom technique AKA tapping) but he's just not patient enough to do it nor is he bothered by his tics enough. Some day I'm hoping to try these things with him. She also said that Heart Math program helped relax her, as well. You can find info on Heart Math on Amazon. Hope this helps.

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Yes, my son(10) does find some relief with Yoga type breathing exercises, as it is particularly hard to have his body relax we try to get him to do these while having his epsom baths or just after the bath and before bed. I have to say we are not super diligent but I should be as his body holds sooo much tension it would be beneficial regardless. His tics are vocal and this seems to sometimes be a good substitute.. even if only temporary.



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