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Swim lessons instructor sick

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My kids were going to start their swim lessons yesterday, but the lady who teaches them has developed a fever and sore throat & said she will resume lessons when she has been without a fever for 24 hrs.


My ds19 who is our immunologically incapacitated child is already not going to participate because he has a reaction to something she uses in her pool that causes him to itch like mad (we still have not figured out what).


But besides my concern about them picking up something & bringing it home to expose their big brother, my ds8 seems to be on the edge of developing PANS and I am very worried about something pushing him over into it.


Please share your opinions & experience with me on how I should handle this!!!



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The reaction to the pool can be a latex allergy. I posted something about that on here about 3 weeks ago but am on my phone & can't grab the link. You could search for it. My son was getting hives/rash from tennis balls...researched & figured it was the latex. I have also seen him react to poinsettias (related plant) but not latex gloves (tho' we were at the dr's today & he had a slight rash a bit later...oh dear). My son has also had issues if the chlorine level was a bit high in a pool or at the start of an exacerbation It could just be that your son is chemically sensitive too.

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