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battling Bartonella

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Hello follow lyme people

I want to update my ds's (18) progress with Bartonella battle.

He had a very strange reaction to rifampin so after one and half month of using it we discontinued.

Rifampin pros---- He acted very mature, aware, and calm.

cons--- Occasional intrusive/grudge kind of OCD ( 2times a week, maybe), depression, and fainting spell.

Because my dr and I got very scare of depression side rifampin effect we switched to Levaquin and he did Levaquin alone for one and half month.

Levaquin---- no side/herx effect and OCD was less in intensity and frequency but a bit ADHD like ( once a week for 20 mins OCD, maybe)

But because there was still OCD, dr added Bactrim for last 2weeks.

Bactrim--- no side effect so far and OCD not seen yet but still sort of ADHD so I am thinking of adding diflucant back.

He is definitely getting better but I feel there is a huge space before I can call it a victory. He would be perfectly fine one moment and then he would turn around and become very loud and bad mouthing about my touching his cell phone or his computer with thirty hands for about 20 mins or so and would act as if nothing happened again. His OCD has always been fear of germ which makes me think pandas/pit is manifesting in OCD as self protective way.

I think I used to suffer watching my son suffering with OCD when he was younger but now I am suffering because I worry if he could stand alone in college come this Sept. He is improving but I am not??? I am OCDing?????

Nevertheless, life is soooooooo much better as his OCD is a rare occasion versus everyday living condition before doing pandas/pit/lyme treatment.

I am going to pursue the latest trend in OCD ( learned from this forum)with glutamine and KPU as well. (Whatever it takes, I don't want to miss the bus)

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i am dealing with the bartonella thing to. i think we are on the right path.


we tried the bactrim and i saw sleep get better


added biaxin and dr. took her off because of severe pain in legs


added in minocycline. she seemed happy and pretty good for awile, but now ocd is starting again and intrusive thoughts. the doctor thinks its the minocycline, but she had racing intrusive thoughts since the beginning. ugh? it is so confusing. the ocd is coming back too. he now wants to try cipra or something like that.


i hope it works

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