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My husband and I are halfway through that movie (got too tired to finish last night). OMG! I can't believe how severe it can get or how many ppl are afflicted with it! I also made an observation that I thought was important, but maybe it is just my tv resolution, LOL. I noticed that most of the ppl on there that have Lyme have a malar-type rash and some on the chin. My ODD12 and I BOTH have a similar rash that gets worse in the summer, but is not an actual burn...just a dark pink tint no matter how much sunscreen we put on. it also appears even in winter when either of us is flushed from hard cleaning, exercise, etc. Am I just nuts to see this, or has anyone else experienced this very mild malar-type rash?


The movie was very sobering. I cried for awhile afterwards.

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I need to watch it again. The DVD I was using was having an issue so I kept getting interrupted. Plus, at the time, I kept thinking, "this is not us" because we were not as bad off as some of those in the movie. That was before things really got bad with me. Still, even with all that going on, it was a great documentary and very moving and scary.



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